Friday, May 10, 2013

friday's letters

Dear Kayla - I am so incredibly proud of you. The little lady you brought into this world is beautiful. cannot wait to see the little girl she will become

Dear Friday - we are for real BEST FRIENDS. I am so excited you have finally arrived!! :)

Dear Aaron - I miss you! I feel like we are both so busy lately that it's a "hi" and "bye" mixed with sleep and smiling and saying I love you. I cannot wait for us to spend time together this weekend.

Dear work - I am really glad you are slow these past few days. I was about to have another quarter-life crisis

Dear mountain dew - I thought I kicked you.. but, alas, here we are again. I've missed you, but I don't miss the way you make my stomach feel. Ugh!

Dear self - good for you for getting yourself out there and being proactive and taking chances. I am proud of you!

Dear lunch break - hurry yourself up, puhhlease.

Dear bed - cannot wait to see you tonight :) I am so exhausted already.


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