lovey dovey

When I first showed up at the college Aaron attended, I hadn't hardly noticed him. That is, until I needed to throw my trash away and he was the guy with the trashcan in the library. My best friend and I just transferred colleges; I was also dating someone at the time. However, Aaron was always known by us as "the cute boy in the library with the trash can". He later became known by us as, "the guy I am not sure if he is laughing at us, or with us??" He has an amazing laugh.

About a month passed and I ended that relationship
knowing (thinking) that I would never date again. There were some interested in me, but proved to be major duds. That is, until summer hit. I guess you could say we had a "summer romance" kind of love. One filled with girl not liking boy, but boy pursuing her relentlessly, even when difficulty struck. I guess, in the end, that's what won my heart. His patience with me and his unending desire to truly pursue me... not just be a flicker in the night.

Aaron and I finally started to date on September 13, 2009. However, he had my heart in June when I allowed him to take me out on a "friend date" with no strings attached.

We were engaged on January 1, 2011 right as the clock struck midnight, and we were married on July 16, 2011.

Since our love affair began life hasn't been the easiest for us both, but I definitely like to think that that has made us all the more stronger. We have been through a lot in our relationship, and will inevitably go through more. But, it's been great :) Yay, for love!
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