Thursday, June 13, 2013

DERECHO and why I won't have kids...for a while.


Last night we had some pretty bad storms. Honestly, I didn't believe they would come. I have been deceived by the weather people before. But... I gave them the benefit of the doubt. EVEN THOUGH the radar at 2:30 was clear and looked like nothing was coming for a long time.

Boy.. was I wrong. 

During the day it began to get muggy.. I mean... bring a piece of paper outside and within seconds it's dripping wet and limp. (that's what she said. ((I CAN'T STOP. I miss Michael Scott.))) The humidity built all evening. Which, I am going to be honest here, sucked. Aaron is a youth pastor. Some our youth have pretty rough home lives. The mother of two of our youths is near being evicted from her trailer... she may potentially have her little girls taken from her.. it's a mess. So, our church is going to potentially help her out for work from her around the church etc. 

ANYWAYS, that is beside the point. The whole reason I bring this up is that we go to her house after youth group last night, leaving us not getting home until nearly 10pm.. youth group ends around 8/8:30pm. So.. we go there, there's a bunch of drama in the trailer park about random stuff. I kid you not, three various "fights" were going on while we were there. I sat in the car with my window open as the mugginess WEIGHED on me. I am talking, weighing on your chest as if an elephant just stepped on it WEIGHT on your chest. So, I could definitely tell something was going to come.. and probably won't be very fun.

As we got home, we turned on the tv:

That is what was in  Indiana headed our way. My in-laws already had a tornado warning and we called them and told them to get in the basement. I basically yelled DON'T BE A HERO at my FIL, and that was that. 

Aaron went to bed and I was glued to the TV. Something you should know: when I was younger and it would storm, I would get a big dufflebag together of things for if a tornado came and wiped everything away. Things the bag included consisted of socks, underwear, a couple pairs of clothes, tennis shoes, jackets, same stuff for my grandma (I lived with her) and MY BACKPACK. Why on God's green earth I would save my backpack is beyond me, but seriously... I DID, YOU GUYS. 

Also also- I am from Nevada. There are NO tornados in Nevada. If it rains, it POURS and you have tons of flash flooding/floods and it's a HUGE lightning and thunder fest, but nothing close to a tornado. When we moved to Ohio as I entered 3rd grade, it was one of the worst thunderstorm summers my part of Ohio had had in a while (so everyone says). There would be sirens going off at night and we lived in an upstairs apartment on the edge of a building with no real shelter... I would hold my arms out and scream for my grandma to come get me. 

Listen, I watched a lot of Twister when I was younger. It was a bit tramatizing when you have never actually SEEN one or ever heard a tornado siren before. 

I am convinced tornado sirens are the things horror movie soundtracks are MADE OF.

But, I digress.
look at what is coming!

There I was last night.. GLUED to the TV. I eventually went into bed around 11 (that's so late for me you guys) and stayed on my phone for another hour. I honestly SHOULD have gone to bed earlier but I didn't know what the night would hold.... (dramatic foreshadowing....). 

CLAP!!!!  huge clap of thunder comes and Pumpkin is FREAKING OUT. she is running all over our bed. Jumping OFF of the bed... and mind you, Aaron is ASLEEP for this entire thing. The man can sleep through anything. (lucky...)

I will save you the details, just know, this went on for about an hour and a half. Then.... 


Fooorrrr about, oh, 15 minutes? 20? I DON'T FREAKING KNOW. but it wasn't long enough because....

CLAP! CLAP CLAPPPPPPPP!! more thunder. I jump. Pumpkin jumps. Aaron slightly snores... still.  
Annnnd this goes on for about an hour.  and then....

you guessed it.. PEACE. This time for maybe 20 minutes.
I get on my phone because APPARENTLY I am not going to get any sleep and I wanted to see how many more storms were coming our way....

Yes. that time stamp up there DOES say 3:32 AM. 

Looks like a lovely hurricane over Ohio. WONDERFUL. We are just south of Columbus, so we had even more storms coming our way.

 annnd here is another one just for good measure to see it regionally. :/

LONG STORY SHORT: I got oh, 2.5 good hours of sleep last night? 
But, I am very grateful for some things: 

1) Our power never went out. It would have been a terrible HOT mess if it had. 
2) I am also glad the power didn't go out because if it had, I had already made it known throughout internet-land I would be eating all the ice cream I bought yesterday so it wouldn't go to waste. Now I can savor those babies...

3) I am grateful for the bags I DID pack for Aaron and myself for just in case because, seriously, if it would have been bad, we would have had socks and clothes :) 

In all seriousness though... I am very grateful nothing terrible happened here. I haven't yet been able to see the damage in other places, but I am just grateful. 

However, right now, I am not very happy. The sun was semi-shinning like an hour ago, and now it is this outside: 


So, now you know why I won't have kids for a while. 

Oh, also? I have already blasted this on my instagram, so if you follow me, SORRY. But I need helps:

Are these "too much" glasses for my face? Some people said yes, others said no. I just don't want to look like a clown playing dress up.

HAVE A GREAT DAY. I am going to go down my mountain dew to stay awake.

Friday, June 7, 2013

it's friday WHAT WHAT!

oh heyyyyyyy!
 It's been a while.

Sorry about that. 
Let's pretend you are joining me on a 15 minute break, shall we? 

If you were here you would see my new office in my new job I have had since February. You would also see that I have rearranged it (that is if you were here before I rearranged it). I have a lamp to my left and turn off the florescent lights. It's magical. Well, as magical as it can be if you are in an office all day. 

I have a window to my left as well. A FLIPPING WINDOW. See? told you... M A G I C. 

I have Wicked playing right now... oh wait, it is changing to "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles. Fun little diddy.

So, listen. IT'S FRIDAY! And I am pumped. Not that I have a relaxing weekend planned, by any means. It just means that I don't HAVE to be in an office all day this weekend. WOOT WOOT. What do you have planned this weekend? 

Oh, well, our youth group is taking a mission trip at the end of this month and we are having a sale at the church this weekend. All proceeds go to the youth. Actually, the entire town that the church is in has these annual yard sales. So, that's what I will be doing all day Saturday. But, it should be nice out. So, that's nice :) 

Hope you have something nice planned this weekend!

Oh, what else have I been up to? Well, honestly.. not too much but a lot at the same time. I am adjusting rather well to my new job. To be honest, I was growing to really hate it. The people who call in are pretty rude sometimes and I took it personal a lot. 

What do I do? 
Funny you ask! I guess I never really explained it all... I am now an Academic Advisor for a university. It's for the adult program. So, I work for mainly adult students, but there are some youngin's in there that chose not to go the traditional route. This job pretty much seems like I work at a health insurance company and deal solely with people who HATE me. HA. You think I'm kidding. But, some days, it's nice. I have to be honest. I am really starting to get the hang of things and multitasking is a BIT better. But, it's still hard in this job. I currently work with 400 adult students. So, at any given time, ANY of them can call and or email OR come into my office to meet with me. It's insane.

BUT, honestly. It has been so much better in the last month. 

I have also interviewed for my master's program I want to get in. {!!!!!!!!!!}  I don't know if I am in yet. And I hesitated to even put anything on the internet about it because it I didn't get in I would be super sad AND embarrassed. But, hey, gotta take some chances, right? The program I want to get into is School Counseling. I really love the idea of doing it and I think it's something I was made to do. so, let's hope the school thinks so too! If I get in, then my work load will need to change a bit, but maybe that would be for the best. Currently, as it stands, I do too much and I don't think I can really balance master courses AND this job AND life AND everything. 

So, let's keep our fingers crossed that all falls into place :)

Hope you have been doing well! Feel free to tell me how you are :) 

Oh, I have also been seeing that seriously every one of my friends except one of my closests ones and myself get pregnant, have a child, or have multiple children. 

Is life just LIKE THIS when you get older? It's crazy. I have tons of gray hair and now I have to deal with this?!


Have a great Friday :)

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