Monday, December 31, 2012

see ya, 2012

I wish I had more pictures from 2012 to be able to reminisce with.. but alas, I sucked at taking any real photos of 2012, which is sad to me. 

So here goes, me trying to recap my year from memory, which I seemed to have lost somewhere in 2012.. (these are based off of status updates from facebook because.. seriously, I don't remember anything anymore)
 be warned: this is very long and VERY uninteresting. maybe 2013 will bring more FUN! :)

  • lots of boring weather in Ohio
  • winter.
  • work
  • nothing much..
  • tried to start to drink more water. Realized this caused you to pee.. A LOT
  • I discovered Mumford and Sons
  • January was a really tough month for me personally in regards to many things.. MOVING ON.
  • house hunted..

  • I was reading Sacred Marriage
  • watched Food, Inc. and decided that the world and all food was disgusting
  • I had a dream much like an episode of The Walking Dead
  • My stupid power steering fluid leaked a bunch and I had to fill it with about 6 bottles of fluid before I could get it fixed... nice.
  • 1st married Valentine's Day
  • house hunted some more..

  • Had a lovely morning with a lovely friend, Melissa. *note to self: hang out with her more!!
  • spring break at work (2 days, wooo)
  • painted our living room.. I think?? or maybe that was later in the summer.....
  • OHHH looking back, gave up facebook and internet for Lent. It was refreshing.
  • stopped looking at houses..

  • worked, A LOT
  • Saw Tim Tebow in person at my work. 
  • Jaw dropped as Mr. Tebow walked right by me...
  • Husband met Mr. Tebow. Still mad at him for that one....
  • Saw West Side Story at the Ohio Theatre with my aunts and grandma, loved it!!
  • Saw a high school put on the musical Legally Blonde with my girls!
  • I got pretty sick in April.. like, so sick, I only remember bits and pieces of one week ahhh
  • Started our garden!
  • found a house we liked..

  • Started my blog!!!!
  • Grandma's 63rd bday
  • Learned how to make Puppy Chow. oh gosshhh
  • Youngest sister went to Prom!
  • Youngest sister graduated high school!!
  • Camping with our youth group
  • dime a dog night at Clippers game
  • started a "who's having a baby/had a baby list"
  • looked more at houses!

  • Aaron's 24th birthday spent in Cbus! 
  • Youngest sister's 19th birthday!
  • made some homemade chocolate chip cookies and they were the bomb dot com
  • took the youth group to Kings Island, fell in love with Family Force Five
  • We liked a house..

  • 1 year anniversary in Hilton Head!!!!!!!!!
  • our dryer died.. again. 
  • our dryer was fixed AGAIN!!
  • ate a lot of froyo
  • saw The Dark Knight Rises at midnight in a theatre in Hilton Head with Hilton Head's finest youth..*shakes head* 
  • the skating rink and bowling alley I went to in my younger days and had my only real big birthday party at was BURNED down. All those memories of after-proms and birthday parties burned away.. I for real CRIED.
  • house we liked didn't work out.

  • helped youngest sister figure out finances for college. UGH.
  • sang at the annual Bell Tower Dinner for our church
  • Olympics.  and.. I barely watched. whoops!
  • Watched our niece and nephews for the weekend and didn't kill them.
  • updated my who's having a baby list A LOT.
  • worked on deciding on a master's program! Whoop whoop!
  • my aunt and uncle renewed their vows: 25 years, y'all!
  • looked for houses, but not as much..

  •  watched a lot of football.. because of Aaron
  • went to a bonfire at one of my best friend's house
  • work was really hard
  • Put an offer in on THE house we loved. aannnddd didn't get it.

  • finally put up some decorations in our house because we realized we will probably forever be in this apartment....
  • election commercials and wanting to shoot my eyes out.
  • worked on my personal statement for grad school!!! WHATTTT
  • decided to do School Counseling as my masters :)
  • MORE meth labs busted in town. KEEPIN' IT CLASSY.

  • Aaron and I were huddle leaders at an FCA Retreat. loved it!
  • celebrate a sister's birthday... was the last time we saw her :/ hope she is doing okay.

  • MY 24TH BIRTHDAY: went to a japanese steak house for dinner the weekend before
  • got our 2nd LIVE Christmas tree! :)
  • Went to LOTS of Christmas parties
  • ....4 WISDOM TEETH OUT. sick.
  • lots of pain meds and NOT lots of food I love.
  • time off of work
  • CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
  • helping youngest sister out with finances and life decisions for college again.. LIFE WAAHHH
  • annndddd lots of tv watching.

 annndd that was it for our year basically. I mean, we went on dates, and some fun stuff, but.. alas, I forgot and clearly quit posting anything on facebook. so, yeah. I should maybe put "document real life better" as a new year's goal for myself.

peace out, 2012. I am ready for you to leave to be real honest.

Monday, December 17, 2012

monday oh monday.

I firmly believe that Monday's are out to get me. I won't go into details to save myself from regret, but... let's just say, it is only 10am on Monday morning and I already want to pull my hair out and shove it in someone's face as I scream at them for their stupidity. AND if one more person asks me to do one more thing, I may cry. 

Maybe I just need a poptart? 

yeah, that's probably it. So, I will probably go get one of those. Then come back to my desk and try to get some JUNK done for the day. 

Also- let's hear it for the fact that this time NEXT WEEK it will be Christmas Eve, people. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

wisdom and other things

It has been a while, hasn't it?


+ I am on "recovery" from getting my wisdom teeth out. It's funny, I don't feel less wise without them??? (ha see? I got jokes, man.) Can I just say, this sucks... ? Between eating like a squirrel (Aaron's words) to cleaning my mouth what seems every hour and downing tons of meds, I just feel BLAH.

+ We got our tree and I would love to share some pics of that soon! This has been our second married Christmas. Verrryy different from last year, but nonetheless, lovely :) We cut down our tree last year as well as this year as a sort of "thing-to-do-on-or-for-Joanna's-birthday". So, that was fun. It's all decorated. Nothing too fancy, and it's probably only pretty to me, but I love sitting and looking at it twinkle at night. It's so calming.

+ My birthday has come and gone. For a second there I had to think about how old I am now. 24. wow. That feels and sounds so much older for some reason. We had a great time celebrating it. I have never been to Ikea (CRAZY, I KNOW), so I asked Aaron to take me. Now, that is a post for another day, which I hopes comes soon because I don't want to forget the insanity that WAS our trip to Ikea. haha We lucked out and got a bed frame I had my eye on as well as some other items.

+ Pumpkin and I have just been chilling these last few days while I recover. She is the best.

+ Things have been put on hold in regard to a house. We were eligible for a "first time homebuyers grant" but, due to hub's little promotion, though he is only making a small amount more, it's just enough to send us over the limit of being eligible.. so, here we are, saving our pennies for a down payment. Oh well. The Lord will provide, He always always always does.

+ Other things are happening around these parts. Some things that I am a little "bitter/sweet" about. But let's save that for another day, shall we?

annnddd.. that's been life lately. not too much. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a snack pack calling my name and then I have to begin the grueling task of brushing my teeth and cleaning my mouth which takes about 10 - 15 minutes (if I'm lucky!)

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