Friday, July 27, 2012


Dear migraine: nobody invited you to join me last night and today. so, maybe you should leave?

Dear little debbie brownie: I WILL buy you today, and I will have NO shame eating you. 

Dear twitter: I think I am starting to enjoy using you. I don't even care if nobody follows me, which you may not WANT to even follow me because sometimes I am way too sarcastic for my own good.. but I love it.

Dear husband: you are a gem. I don't know how you have managed to be married to me for over a year, but you are amazing. ah! I could go on forever....

Dear pumpkin: thanks for the snuggles today and yesterday on my sick day

Dear work: you are breezin' on by, and I LOVE it. Thank you!

Dear people banging things around next door: STOP. now.

Dear weekend: I am beyond glad you are here. ready to do NOTHING all weekend. YES!

Dear library books and all my other books: I have been neglecting you, I am sorry :(

Dear all of you: have a lovely weekend :) :) 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sick Day

Source: via Joanna on Pinterest

I should start this off by saying, this will not be about our vacation and isn't very interesting. 

Today I am sick :( Not too sick, but sick enough I knew I should take a day off or I just know I would get worse... (note: I rarely give myself anytime to really rest... so, turning over a new leaf!)

So, because I am sick I have been lounging around all day. My apartment is a disaster, my hair looks horrible, and I am pretty sure I should've brushed my teeth. It's awesome being sick because... you really don't need to give a crap about any of that stuff.


Well, honestly, I needed to do something because.... I feel I waste my life watching tv. And, I wasn't really into reading a book. We don't have too much food here (except... ice cream, grits, bananas, and the like... which, I totally ate all of that. No shame!) So, I did my dishes, well the majority of them. Am I the only one who can't stand to do them all? I am hecka lazy to the core most of the time... whatever! stop judging. 

I also wrote out some thank yous I needed to write to a few family members and friends that remembered us on our FIRST anniversary and got us wonderful gifts, or money or a card. Which, let's be honest... if I didn't take this sick day, I don't think I would've had a moment to take care of those bad boys for a few more weeks.. YIKES! Grateful I remembered to write them. Whew!

Oh! I also folded the mound of laundry that had been sitting on my loveseat. buuutttt, now it's just sitting there, folded. Haven't put them away haaaa!

See, I told you this post wasn't very interesting...  

I guess all I wanted to say was.. HI! I miss you all.. but mainly I miss writing things out. I miss the clarity that comes with writing posts. I miss writing my memories down because, let's face it, I can't remember anything anymore. 

I miss writing for me. I think so many times I get caught up in "what's-in" in the blogosphere that I forget, uh, that's not me. Or, maybe it is me, but just not what I am feeling on writing about on that particular day. (do I make any sense?)  Sometimes I just want to be utterly blunt and frank with everyone. Other days, I want you to convince me to not cut my hair or I try to make you laugh with my pinterest finds. And sometimes, danggoneit, I want to show you some outfit that I wore because I freaking loved it that day, okay????

Anyhoo, here's to remembering why I started this thing and trying to get past this funk I am feeling whenever I think about my life. YEAH, nothing too exciting goes on in my world, but oh well. I need to stop comparing my life to people online. After all, we aren't always getting the whole picture of that person. Just what they allow us to see... even when being real.

Well, that's it for now. Maybe I will get suuuuper bored later and maybe post about our vaca/anniversary/marriage! WEEEEE!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

oh yeah, it's monday!

It has surely been a while. Don't be upset... it's not you, it's me! You see, I have been on vacation. It was amazing and nice to relax. However, I did miss you! I have so many things I want to share like: reviewing our first year of marriage, some favorite things of mine, vacation pictures, and some recipes I want to try as well as some other fun stuff... but, not today. I am very sorry to get your hopes up, but just know.... that's what I have in store for you :)

How have you all been? What have you been up to??
Have any good recipes for me? -- haha added that in because... I AM DESPERATE!

Friday, July 13, 2012


1//peach tea @ OG, 2//waiting for work week to end, 3//fav. spot, 4// beauty

Dear Friday: I just love you. 
Dear Husband: yes. this trip has finally come
Dear garden: I hope you get tended to while we are gone on vacation and that you don't DIE

1//gardening, 2// family photo, 3//green beans, 4//tomatoes

 Dear work: you really stunk this week. some parts have been grand, but a lot hasn't. preparing for vacation almost makes you not want to take one... but, that is a HUGE almost.

1//bills on monday, 2//boxes, 3//helping, 4//love this book

Dear dryer: PRAISE THE GOOD LORD YOU ARE WORKING AGAIN! I will die if you stop working again this summer. just. die.
Dear grandma: thank you for offering to have us over for a lovely pre-anniversary dinner tonight and for taking care of our baby while we are gone. WE LOVE YOU.
Dear Husband: in 3 days we will have been married for 1 year. WHAT!

1//cupcake at wedding, 2//wedding wear, 3//happy for weekend, 4//it was HOT

1//husband, 2//me, 3//storm coming, 3//pretty sky

Dear followers: I am sorry I have been MIA from this here blog for a while.. I hope to maybe (HUGE MAYBE) have some pre-scheduled posts for while I am gone. Leave me some love why dontcha? :) I am so grateful for each of you and your comments!
Dear future house: are you out there?! can we buy you yet?!? Show yourself.

1//cute house, 2//lovely sky, 3//hanging out, 4//husband stealing my heart with watermelon

Dear car: please last on our vacation. Last time we road-tripped we ended up buying YOU because our other car pooped out. please don't die on us!
Dear Pumpkin: I am going to miss you so much. stop it. I am going to cry.

Dear YOU: have a great weekend :)

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Monday, July 2, 2012

I had a clever post, then I got tired...

1: treats husband surprised me with, 2: friday's outfit with husband's watch, 3: pumpkin naps, 4: storm coming
1: waiting out the "hurricane"in our car, 2: storm clouds, 3: pretty pic of storm, 4:storm following me
1: selfie, 2: leggings are amazing. I don't know why I have resisted, 3: FROYO, 4:dying in the heat, whew!

Hey there :)
I had a semi-long post to share and I thought.... it's Monday, let's save that for another day. Plus, I have had a really long day and I just want to relax a little while with my pup and husband and read a little. So, I deleted it and now I am drawing a blank... nice.

This weekend was BUSY! We had a crazy hurricane in Ohio, took the youth group to SpiritSong at Kings Island, I rode a rollercoaster (WHATT!!!), ate froyo, went to church, had youth group, went to our evening service, and much more... see, busy.

I hope you all had great weekends... tell me about them! What did you do? anything fun?

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