Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursdays are the bomb

Something you may not know about me is.... I love Thursdays. I have no idea why exactly, but I just love love LOVE them. I think I just love the anticipation in knowing the weekend is coming :) I usually plan to not do much on Thursdays as well, which I think is the first real reason I love them. Husband and I would usually set that day apart to spend time with each other.  Speaking of which, have you SEEEEEENNN "Friday Night Lights"?! Yeah.. I know.. we are waayyy behind on things, so what? We are in love with it.. so by "spend time with each other" I really mean watching Friday Night Lights... all night... like losers.

Well, tonight was a little different and I loved it! We were asked by two of our best friends to come over for a cookout at their place tonight!! It was awesome. I made a cheesy potatoe dish my aunt usually makes at family gatherings (I was hoping to post the recipe and step by step post tonight, but... people, I am tired. and so are my hands from typing all day long at work.. so, Friday it shall be for that post! WEEE!) Mike grilled out and Lacey made the beans... mmm! Oh, and Aaron played with the dogs :) Can't forget how much he helped ;)

It is so refreshing to take time out of your normal routine and see friends, or family or just to spend the night a different way. I wish I had gotten some pics of our lovely walk we took looking at some houses with the 3 pups and all of us.. but, honestly, we just had too much fun enjoying each other (and... I forgot my camera. I am not surprised by this...)

I hope everyone had a lovely Thursday :) It was beautiful around these parts! What did YOU do on Thursday!?

OK, going to bed now because I am an old lady.


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