Friday, June 22, 2012

friday's letters : WOO IT'S FRIDAY

sitting in my office in the dark because... i can

Dear Aaron -- Could you be any better to me? I love our time together. Thank you for laughing at my jokes when they aren't funny and choosing me over and over again. I love you!

Dear Friday -- I say this every time but... THANK YOU FOR COMING! :) I am hoping we have an awesome, relaxing night together!

Dear Croissan'wich -- Yes. I know you are horrible for me, but you are almost hitting the spot this morning. Grateful for that. Not grateful for the working out I will need to do now haha

Dear work -- Be kind to me today :)

Dear future me -- I hope that you have a sweet job where you help people and are using the things you learned back then (now).... because, sometimes... I wonder!!

Dear home-we-want-to-own -- where are you!!!

Dear thrift store -- I think I am going to spend some time with you this weekend, somehow.. someway. Just need to convince hubby ;) 

Dear in-laws -- WE WILL BE SEEING YOU SO SOON!!!!

Dear garden -- PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD. :/

Dear, oh dear sweet apartment -- sorry I have neglected you and left you messy... but.. seriously, I doubt anything will be getting done today, or tomorrow... SORRY!!

Dear Supernatural -- I really like your storyline for some odd reason, but, I cannot stand thinking there is a poltergeist in my apartment... hmm.. Maybe the Winchester brothers will have to come check it out.

Dear self -- seek His face always!

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  1. love this list hun! and adorable blog by the way :) happy friday!

    1. Well thanks :) thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words :) happy friday!!

  2. I could write that same letter to my garden!

  3. I hope your garden isn't dead too. I only have two indoor plants and they are soo hard to keep alive. I'm so bad, green thumbs what? ha.

    Cute blog

  4. If it makes you feel better, I ALWAYS kill ALL plants that grow in my house, we are going to look into getting a cactus, supposedly they don't die, but I'm pretty sure I'll kill that one too.

  5. Love your letter to future you!


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