Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Letters

honeymoon 2011 : Florida

Dear Friday: I am beyond glad that I had today off :) 
Dear June: when in the world did you decide to show up? 
Dear May: Where did you go? As well as where has the first half of the year gone!?
Dear God: I am completely humbled by your greatness, forgiveness, mercy, love, understanding.. it goes on and on
Dear Husband: thank you for helping to paint our living room! You are my hero. For real.
Dear week: You have been good to me.. I really cannot complain!!
Dear vacation in Hilton Head: I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME!!!
Dear dishes: please just go ahead and clean yourself, as well as the whole house. Thank you :)
Dear everyone: Have an awesome weekend!
Dear Summer: I cannot wait to finish a list of things I want to conquer with you. 
Dear house-we-want-to-live-in-one-day-soon: are you out there?
Dear unspoken situation: I hope you work out.



  1. Hi, love your blog! Stumbled on from the link-up. Ha, feel you on the dishes, I'm about to get started :-/

    1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by :) and, I have officially NOT done my dishes, hope you had better luck!!

  2. I'm so jealous right now of you having today off as well as your upcoming trip to Hilton Head- Lucky! :)

    1. I am way excited! But you will have any,more adventures this summer, so I am jealous! Haha

  3. aw i like these dear friday letters, such a cute idea!! :)

    and thank you so much for your sweet comment, seriously! you are the only person who actually responded to what i wrote, and it made me very happy that you did!! i get discouraged sometimes when i try to write these like...inspiring things, and daily devotions and then no one really, thank you, just knowing that even one person read it makes me happy hahaa! and i put up yesterdays devo! thanks again, and your blog is wonderful! :)

    1. Hey! You should click ln the Froday Letters photo on the bottom and link on up to them!
      And no problem!! :) I lived you ideas and thoughts.. Excited to read yesterday's devo!! Your thoughts, pictures, etc. are so inspirational :)

  4. Your letter to the dishes, made me picture Beauty and the Beast when the dishes all sing and dance and entertain Belle at the table. Now I have Be Our Guest stuck in my head :) Have a great weekend.

  5. This is such a sweet and inspiring post! You and the hubs are precious. ;)


  6. I like these post's a lot! Such a good idea!


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