Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sick Day

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I should start this off by saying, this will not be about our vacation and isn't very interesting. 

Today I am sick :( Not too sick, but sick enough I knew I should take a day off or I just know I would get worse... (note: I rarely give myself anytime to really rest... so, turning over a new leaf!)

So, because I am sick I have been lounging around all day. My apartment is a disaster, my hair looks horrible, and I am pretty sure I should've brushed my teeth. It's awesome being sick because... you really don't need to give a crap about any of that stuff.


Well, honestly, I needed to do something because.... I feel I waste my life watching tv. And, I wasn't really into reading a book. We don't have too much food here (except... ice cream, grits, bananas, and the like... which, I totally ate all of that. No shame!) So, I did my dishes, well the majority of them. Am I the only one who can't stand to do them all? I am hecka lazy to the core most of the time... whatever! stop judging. 

I also wrote out some thank yous I needed to write to a few family members and friends that remembered us on our FIRST anniversary and got us wonderful gifts, or money or a card. Which, let's be honest... if I didn't take this sick day, I don't think I would've had a moment to take care of those bad boys for a few more weeks.. YIKES! Grateful I remembered to write them. Whew!

Oh! I also folded the mound of laundry that had been sitting on my loveseat. buuutttt, now it's just sitting there, folded. Haven't put them away haaaa!

See, I told you this post wasn't very interesting...  

I guess all I wanted to say was.. HI! I miss you all.. but mainly I miss writing things out. I miss the clarity that comes with writing posts. I miss writing my memories down because, let's face it, I can't remember anything anymore. 

I miss writing for me. I think so many times I get caught up in "what's-in" in the blogosphere that I forget, uh, that's not me. Or, maybe it is me, but just not what I am feeling on writing about on that particular day. (do I make any sense?)  Sometimes I just want to be utterly blunt and frank with everyone. Other days, I want you to convince me to not cut my hair or I try to make you laugh with my pinterest finds. And sometimes, danggoneit, I want to show you some outfit that I wore because I freaking loved it that day, okay????

Anyhoo, here's to remembering why I started this thing and trying to get past this funk I am feeling whenever I think about my life. YEAH, nothing too exciting goes on in my world, but oh well. I need to stop comparing my life to people online. After all, we aren't always getting the whole picture of that person. Just what they allow us to see... even when being real.

Well, that's it for now. Maybe I will get suuuuper bored later and maybe post about our vaca/anniversary/marriage! WEEEEE!!!

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  1. aren't alone. we all go through this funk! it's for a reason...overcoming and what not just make sure you plan lots of fun comfort dates with girl friends and your man!! least wait until your hair is long enough to donate before you chop it, it's for a good cause!! hope you feel better soon!!


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