Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i think i am a zombie

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

oh, I stole this from someone else's pinterest. sue me. 

Sometimes I meander through life all willy nilly and I don't really remember much about my days.
Actually, I feel like that always happens, at least in this last year or so of my life. I am convinced I am a zombie.

Further evidence of this is how I am in the mornings. I just mumble and moan as I walk around the house. I wake up all slow-like, shuffle around the house, have atrocious breathe, etc.

It's good Aaron likes me so much...

moving on

So, the Olympics? How about them?!
I haven't been watching them like, at all. Ok, I lie. I watched some indoor men's volleyball yesterday during my lunch. Then, I got home and it was sand volleyball.

I think the USA men's teams only played volleyball yesterday... So, I watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix instead.

If I don't really watch the Olympics, does this make me less of an American? I sure hope not. But, in case it does, I will try to watch more, you guys.

Those of you who have been watching, is swimming and/or gymnastics only showing on NBC like after 9pm? Because, people, let's face it. I am not staying up that late. I go to bed real early-like because... I am an old lady.

I am an old lady zombie. Quite the combo ;) Poor Aaron!

Oh, also? I suck at committing to things. I got these books from the library a few weeks ago and I was so excited to read them. And now? Nah... I would rather sleep.. or play with my dog.

Yeah, that sounds infinitely better.


Oh, and also also.... every time I hit 'enter' on my keyboard, it keeps putting this post in italics. Is this something I can fix?


I  don't know how to fix this. ARRRRRRGGGGGG.

Ok, well.. enough rambling for today. I have some work to do, and by work, I mean, I have to type up some stuff I have been holding on to for.. oh, THREE months, and haven't typed up yet. WHOOPS!

But, if everyone else can just skip around not doing their work around here, and I use 'everyone' loosely, really it's just like 5-7 people!, but still. I think I should be able to. I AM BUSY!

Stupid italics happened again because I just hit 'enter".

buhhhhhh. see?? ok, have a good day!


  1. busted ;P Jk you can steal my pins anytime you'd like!

    1. haha oh well thanks :) it was too fun to pass up!

  2. Oh my gosh girl, I am the same way! I want to be a "reader" but I would rather nap, do something outside, or... yes I will admit this... watch t.v. hahaha bah I am so horrible haha

    So my GFC has been acting odd, but it let me follow you through my twitter! Who knew you could that?! So cool!

    1. WHAAA?? You can follow me via twitter?! This is a whole new world now! haha
      Thanks for the follow and for stopping by. Glad I am not alone in the lazy dept. :) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. The Olympics is a total sore spot for me right now. Ugh. All I want to watch are gymnastics, but HELLO I have a full time job and I also cannot stay up until all hours of the night. So I've seen some beach volleyball and that's about it. I'm angry. I think all businesses should shut down while the Olympics are on.

    1. I agree Michelle! SO AGREE. I mean, it should be considered a holiday. So, we should get work off for it.


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