Monday, August 13, 2012

might as well have poop falling from the sky.

boy oh boy, when it rains it pours.

++ Why do I feel like all I do is consistently complain on here? Why do I feel like lately it seems like things are just not going my way.. or any way for that matter? Why do bad things happen to people I love? and why aren't families like they should be... supporters? Nurturers? Loving?

Don't get me wrong. Some people have been great. I have some great friends and some really great family members. I have an amazing husband (don't EVEEENNN get me started on his greateness), and I serve an amazing God.

But.... come on.

++ Sometimes I hate that I am like a mom. I care so so so much about people. Like, when you are in my life, I really really care for you. I pray for you. I think about you A WHOLE STINKING LOT.

Maybe I am creepy.. but I like to think I am just really caring. The Lord really gifted me with that. And compassion. If something is going on in your life... boy. I really feel for you. I almost feel so much that it feels like it's happening to me.

So, this is where it sucks...   A lot of times (who am I kidding, every time) when these things go on in others' lives, especially those closest to me, I just sit there, listening. Trying to help. Trying to muster the words of comfort. I try to help the best I can... but ultimately, I can't do much. I can be there for a shoulder to cry on, or someone to applaud when good things are happening.. but really, a lot of times (and more often than not lately) GOD is the only One who can really help.

I am grateful for that because more and more I am realizing how bad I suck at helping. haha

++ Lately, I just don't understand people. Some people I know are really sucky at loving others. And, I am trying... believe me I AM TRYING, to understand how they are the way they are. I try to understand and be understanding.. but really, there is no reason to not support someone.

There is no reason to put their dreams down, to almost wish ill on them.. especially when it's a loved one.

And, lately, it seems like this sort of thing keeps happening all around. Like, not just to my loved ones, but to other people I know... people I work with, my friends' friends. It's happening in my friends' families and ugh... I just don't get it.

++ I guess I need to realize more than ever that we live in a fallen world. This is not our permanent home. This is nowhere NEAR what that place will be like... and I am glad.

Sorry to be so vague and like, "what in the world is going on" but... honestly, it's not worth it. It's not worth dwelling on and letting it lives past this post. Sometimes I just need to get things out, and this is that place for it.

++ Mondays have really been M O N D A Y S around these parts.. how about for you? I hope your Mondays or any days you have been great!


  1. Not going to lie, I giggled really loud at the title of this post.

    I love you lady. People are just ridiculous and they make me angry. And you are NOT creepy. I LOVE how caring and compassionate you are..the world desperately needs more people like you. TRUST ME. I feel like everyone around me lately is just mean and uncaring. You are a breath of fresh air and exactly what people need. Just having you in my life (and in other's lives) is a comfort and help enough. PROMISE!

    You are awesome! I can't wait to get some delicious food & coffee and chat with you.

    1. uh, seriously. it should probably just be pooping out haha. I wouldn't be surprised if a bird pooped on my head later on.. hahah

      and AW! you are THE BEST! seriously, thank you. and yessss, I cannot wait to see you :) soon, my dear!!

  2. Such a bummer lady! Ian and I have had experiences like that too... it's like "JUST BE HAPPY FOR SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!" And "STOP TRYING TO CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    so annoying....


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