Friday, September 28, 2012

bananas of the world UNITE

Have any of you been to church summer camps, or anything of that sort? Do you know the banana song?  I have NO idea where it came from, but when I went to post a title to this, that song came to mind.  If you DON'T know it it goes a little something like this, "BANANAS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!..." (then, you bring your arms up like a banana and sing the rest, moving your arms down like they are banana peels...) "Peel banana, peel peel banana, peel banana peel peel banana.."  then, you go crazy, "GO BANANAS, GO GO BANANAS. GO BANANAS, GO GO BANANAS!!!!!!"

aaaannndddd enough of that....

This morning I am trying my best to be chipper and wish I weren't at home, in sweats, drinking hot chocolate, watching trash tv on netflix or cable.  MMM, good times, you guys. GOOD. TIMES.

Here are some letters I should probably write for today: 

Dear husband of mine....  I will miss you. We rarely see each other these days, and if we do, it is after we are dog tired and just veg out. I MISS YOU. Have fun this weekend with your friends! And, remember, you have a sermon to prepare ;)  I love you so much! :)


Dear gray hair....  uh, LISTEN. I am 23, NOT 33... know the difference. Why are there so many of you?!!? And why did you start coming around 21?!?!?  I hate you.

Dear fall....  I am in so much like with you it hurts.

Dear migraines I have been having these past few days....  I also hate YOU.

Dear work....  please go fast today :) I am really excited to see this week leave, and I hope you can help me in cooperating in this.


+This past month or so has been a rough one, you guys. I don't know what's going on: maybe the weather change, or aliens taking over people's bodies.. I DON'T KNOW. But, my family has been crazy. Crazy things are happening. Sad things are happening to friends of mine. and good things happening to friends of mine as well. I can't seem to shake a funk I am in, and I am hoping that happens soon. So, I have saved you (and myself) from having to read it and for myself to have to look back on what was supposed to share some fun memories of my marriage, life, etc. and then be depressed by reading it. So, there's that..

+I have been trying my hardest to pick a major for my masters, and I think I have it figured out. But, every time I *think* I have it figured out.... something comes and TOTALLY takes me by surprise and makes me rethink everything... which sucks. 

Welp, I have nothing insightful or funny or intelligent to say as I should probably be paying some bills at work right now, and with the sun like NEVER coming out again, I am dragging along.

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Girl, Love the Banana song. Cute Letters. Sad about how sucky life is sometimes. Look into Franklin University and what they have to offer. There may not be a major your looking for but they are local, decent price, and onsite! I've loved what I've been doing there so far and if they have what you're looking for, I think you would really enjoy it. We'll figure out this crazy, crazy life-- funk, decisions, and all!

  2. I went to church camps ALL THE TIME but have never heard of this banana song. You should've sang it on a vlog ;D

    Gray hairs...NOT COOL. I find them once in awhile too!

    You'll figure out your major soon...just keep praying and having faith that God will reveal it to you!


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