Monday, July 1, 2013

food baby

WHEW! it seems like time is flying by.

It also seems like I have nothing interesting to say. Honestly? You don't want to know the things I have been thinking lately. It's been a rough few months... actually, it seems like it has been a rough year.

Transition is hard. It's hard at the beginning, middle AND end. It just is. No rhyme or reason. So, that sucks.

Here are some other things that have been going on. Not sure they are noteworthy, just want to be able to look back and see if things have changed, which I am hoping they do.

+ lately I have been learning the value of friendship, even friendship of one or two people. I am realizing that having MORE friends isn't worth it. I am also learning that when people have life changing things happen, they show their true colors and concerns. I am grateful for the two good friends I do have. Working on not dwelling on the ones who don't really care...

+ Still having a hard time that we don't have our own house. Our apartment is nice, and I have been working to make it and KEEP it cozy. This basically means I threw some stuff on the walls and actually clean it :)

+ Oh, speaking of which? I guess I have been doing better at cooking meals. So, that's nice.

+ Oh yeaaaah, I GOT INTO MY MASTERS PROGRAM! I am beyond excited!!! In fact, I just registered for my Fall semester this evening :) :) :) :) Woooo!! (remind me I was this excited when it gets really tough in about September/November....)

+ I look like I am pregnant, but, friends, I am not. It's just a food baby. But seriously, I'm not.

+ Aaron and I have been obsessively watching Dexter like it's our JOB. I never ever ever thought I would get into this show... but I do. The only downfall is I say EFF a lot more because Deb just cusses up a storm and that's her favorite word... It's bad how things rub off on me sometimes. :/

+ My friend, Lacey, told me about this "Peaks, Pits, Praises, Prayers" thing... I didn't know where she found it, so I googled it. It came up to a post on Pinterest. I bought a fresh journal last night and started my first day. I actually saw a few of my prayers semi answered today... it's just so nice being able to see it in writing and to be able to go back and see where God had provided.

+ Uh, I have tons of gray hair. I finally caved and dyed it myself last night. I actually love how it turned out. John Frieda for the win.

+ Aaron and I took our youth on a mission trip Thursday through Saturday night. Not too long because we had to use vacation days and don't have many, but it was still worth it. Our youth already have pretty rough lives, so for them to experience the rough lives of others, I think it hit them that they are not alone AND that they don't even have it as bad as others. We also go to treat them to good food and Cedar Point... they loved it! I think that honestly, that may one of the best experience our kids in youth have experienced.. and may ever. Which makes me sad, but I am glad we were able to be apart of that.

+ I have been pretty anxious about some things. Work, school and work balancing... everything. Sometimes I think I take on more than I should. It's all becoming way too much. :/ But, I am hoping that things start looking up soon. I am trying to work on focusing on God and on school coming up. It's just hard.

Well, that's it folks. Nothing too exciting... until next time!


  1. I've been learning that hard lesson about friendships as well, and it all started with my engagement. It's interesting to see who your real friends are once you get engaged and married. Sad, really!

    Still so happy for you that you got accepted into the master's program! You're going to kill it.

    I'm definitely using one of my new journals for this Peaks, Pits, Praises and Prayers thing. That is so awesome and such an amazing way to look back (even recent) to see how God is working in your life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ugh, the friendships. I've lost just about all of mine through life events. It's sad. I was honestly depressed over it for a long time, but I've decided that I like the time to myself ;) But just know I understand 100%. If I lived in Circleville I would hang out with you all the time!

    Yay grad school! Seriously...if you EVER need, snack, someone's shoulder to cry on, I am THERE. Especially since your classes will be so close to me! So seriously...just let me know. Crash at my place if you need to, anything. Just let me know!


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