Friday, July 12, 2013


Okay, listen.
This week? It's been horrible. And I don't mean, ohhhhh woe is me horrible. I mean, I have literally wanted to up and quit work. I have grabbed my things to walk out the door and never come back. I have screamed in the phone at Aaron while I express how upset I am (and he quietly listens, knowing I need the support). I have cried more than I can count, and I had a mental breakdown last night because I couldn't get my running shoes off... I mean, COME ON.

So, alas, IT IS FRIDAY! and I cannot be more excited. How about you!?

This weekend we are leaving for VA Beach. We are going to visit Aaron's family there. We are SO so so excited. The thought of getting away seems amazing. And to a beach? FORGETABOUTIT! We didn't think we would get to see the beach this year, so we are so grateful for his aunt for taking us in and letting us relax with them :)

Also: God is great. Seriously, great. I won't even DELVE into what was yesterday, but it was just the cherry on a hell-filled week over here. So, I really really REALLY needed there to be no emails filling up my inbox when I got back this morning. And guess what?! There were only a few, and they were all manageable! So, now I can get back to the people who have been waiting to hear from me and set things up for me to leave tonight and know I did everything to prepare to be gone ( I am a control freak).

I am so happy.

Happy Friday :)


  1. On Tuesday I had a complete meltdown because I couldn't find the hair tie I wanted. You are not alone. Va sounds like just what you need!

  2. I hope this vacation brings you everything that you need to be rejuvenated. Relax and enjoy your wonderful beach vacay girlfriend!


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