Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hey there!

How has your week been? This week sure has been pretty long for me.. I think I just spend my days wishing I were outside instead of in a stuffy office. Oh well...

There has been a little change to my blog and I am probably way too excited about it... but here goes!

I have a signature for my posts now!!!! :)

Thanks to the lovely link-up found here at Becoming What I Always Was, I was able to find some lovely blogging tips which you should definitely check out if you want to learn more about HTML, design, buttons, etc. The tip I used can be found here! It's very helpful and easy to do!

First, I had to make my own "image" or "picture" to do this. Since Picnik is no longer around, I have Google+ now. It has all the properties of Picnik since they decided to move on over there... it's awesome once you start using it! You should try it :)

Anyway, that way I created my image was sort of silly, but I used "Paint" on my computer. I simply saved a blank "canvas" persay once I opened up Paint. I saved it where I would easily remember it. You could do it on your desktop and name it something that you will remember. Mine was "sig" because it would later be my signature. 

Once I saved that, I went to my Google+ account and I clicked on photos and edited my photo there. There is a more descriptive way of doing this right here.  All I did was go to "Text" as I used to do for Picnik and I made the fonts how I liked them, I cropped the image around the letters and saved it.

I then had to right click and save the image to my computer as well. 

THEEENNNNNN, I went to PhotoBucket and made my own FREE account (gotta love free) and uploaded the image. It's fairly simple to do that, so I won't provide that :)

Once that happens, I followed the instructions at the site that I used. Again, here is the link to that.

Just follow the steps!

Happy signing!!


  1. oooo! I've been wondering how I could do this! haha thank you mam!! :D

    1. Glad I could help you! Definitely go to the "Becoming What I Always was" link.. she had some other people who really had some good articles/posts to help!! happy signing :)


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