Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I am a terrible person.

Let me preface this by saying, I don't really think I am TERRIBLE for this.. but seriously, I am just a waste of life sometimes.

Here.. I will explain.

When Aaron and I were first married we had just started new jobs. Like, for real.. JUST started new jobs. I accepted my current position the week before or the week of my wedding. We got married, and the weekend after our wedding we left for our honeymoon. The week after our wedding I finished up some work at my previous job and then I was done. So, immediately after our honeymoon I had one day to fit in all the things I needed to do: change my name, new ID, etc. And then it was back to the 'ole grind. Or rather, the new grind since I was starting my new job. For some reason, Aaron and I both got up extremely early every morning. I didn't need to be at work until 8am but I would get up around 6 or 6:20am every morning. I think maybe the sun being out had really helped me do this. I would get some reading done, eat a decent breakfast (which is a BIG deal because I rarely eat anything for breakfast lately.. you'll see why), I would have time to make coffee for Aaron and get ready for the work day. That lasted a few months...

Let's fast forward to day light savings time. That's like, November, right? Anyways, we had gotten our dog by then, and the sun slowly stopped showing up around little Ohio... We gradually started sleeping in a little later. That meant about 6:50am or something like that (I never really set my alarm for an even time like 6 or 6:30... I am so weird).  Then, eventually December came and crunch time at work followed. Aaron works full time at a bank so Thanksgiving and Christmas time he was in full-swing and busy as ever during work hours. We would come home just exhausted. Then Christmas parties came, etc... you name it, we were busy with it. And, did I mention the sun stopped coming around or sticking around when he showed up?! Well, HE DID. And it sucked... so slowly there were like 2 hours of sunlight and of those 2 hours I was stuck inside in my office with no windows. AH! (OK, I know.. I am waayyy dramatic. but I loathe winter).

All of this going on meant that we slowwwllyyyy stopped getting up earlier. Remember when I said we would need to be at work around 8am? Yeah. We didn't get up until 7:30a, sometimes LATER! and this still happens. Yikes. Talk about bums... we are lazy to the core.

So, why I am I blabbing our morning laziness to you all? I need some accountability, yo. This is ridiculous. This morning I did wake up about 6:40am.. but I still laid there, which I don't really think it much of an improvement. I just dread morning. haha Hoping I can get up early in the mornings, run with our pup, and maybe just generally start enjoying mornings.

We shall see...

Do you guys like mornings? What do you do to wake yourself up?!


  1. Okay, first of all, I typed this super long comment and I clicked "Publish" and received an error and the whole thing :(

    Anyhoo, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone! I definitely struggle with this as well! Some days more than others. For example, yesterday I finished getting ready and had 30 extra minutes before I had to be at work....whaaaat?! But today, I slept for 45 minutes AFTER my alarm went off! The problem is, I used to get up early and workout until about a month ago when I was sick for two weeks. Since then, I have become way lazy and just sleep until the last possible minute. Which is totally what I did during the nasty, depressing winter time. But I am really striving to wake up when my alarm goes off so I can work out and do devos before going into work because lets face it, once we are up and accomplish some things for ourselves, our days just seem to be so much better! I hate mornings when I am still in bed, but once I am up, I love them! They are quite enjoyable if you can discipline yourself to roll out of bed. So, I suppose we can encourage each other! :) But please know that you are not the only one to struggle with this...especially when there is no beautiful sun to wake you up and boost your spirits!

    Have a lovely day dear! Love you! :)

    1. Thanks for all the encouragement :) I hope you can get up earlier too! It definitely is a little easier when the sun is out. Or, maybe I just need a vacation? :) It's always nice to get away for a little while!

  2. I wish i could sleep in until 7:30 haha i have to get up at 6:00...and i hate it. i used to get up in between 5 and 5:30 to either workout or just so i could take my time getting ready but i just cant do it ne more. I think I started a new hobby of sleeping since I've been done with school aaand the fact that I would just love to stay in and cuddle with Stuart instead of any thing else haha
    We are looking into some apartments soon since he is done with school..and the ones I found have a gym-this may be my motivation to get up extra early and workout!
    haha I wish I had some good advice for you...but I just love sleeping to much I don't think I'm any help lol

    1. HAHA I am definitely lucky to be able to sleep in that much because I definitely LOVE my sleep. But, I really am having a bad habit of always doing it. haha and I always regret it! Excited for you and your future *hopefully* apartment with your hubs. Maybe you will be able to workout in the mornings again. That's definitely something I need to do too!


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