Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Recouping: Camping w/ Youth 2012

Whew! Last weekend was so fun, but wore me out!!
Husband and I took the youth group on a camping trip! It was so fun and the youth really loved it. 

Aaron and I had Friday off so we were able to get some organizing together. We cleaned our sleeping bags, bought the supplies, etc. We were so excited! 

On Saturday we got to the farm earlier to set things up and I was taken back at how BEAUTIFUL it was there!! I have always been captivated by nature and how God created it. So, I really enjoyed views like this:

When we had things set up, food put away and psyched up... we headed down the road to the church to pick up the kids! It was about a 20 minute drive on the most beautiful Saturday this year. I wish I had pictures of it.. but, I kind of can't drive AND take pictures especially on hilly, curvy roads!

We picked them all up, and one of the youth made the rule, "no technology allowed!!" So, that was awesome! Usually at youth group or Bible study we have to hound them to get off their phones and ipods, so that was really refreshing to see!!

We packed up and left for the farm! When we got there, they had to set up their tents and everything... but once that was done, they definitely jumped right in... literally:

They then got out, played some ball:

Aaron and I as well as one of our youth, Andrea, played a game Aaron and I both learned at camp called "Mao". One rule... you DON'T discuss the rules of Mao. haha 

And we ate some food!!!!

Once it got dark enough, we played some hide 'n go seek in the dark.. uhm, let's just say, I cannot be the seeker when it is so dark out!

The next day we woke up pretty tired and prepared ourselves for the sermon one of our YOUTH was going to give by eating this:

Next, we sang some worship songs, prayed, and Andrea gave the sermon! She spoke so passionately about how Satan is out to get us and if we don't keep our guard up and follow God, we will easily be distracted. She was awesome!!

Once the sermon was over, we all split up to spend some alone time with God. aaaanndd... after that, they were back at the swimming, fishing, everything!

We had a great weekend! What did YOU do this weekend??


  1. Saturday I worked out and then did nothing. Sunday I went to church and then had a youth leaders meeting to discuss what we are doing this summer. I have never been camping, but it sounds like you had a BLAST!!!

    1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! and it was so much fun, thanks!


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