Wednesday, June 13, 2012

stop me.. before i chop off all of my hair.

hair inspiration

Have you guys heard of Ployvore? Well, you should seriously check it out! My friend uses it a lot and when I started catching on to what it was, I realized I should definitely have one of these as well!

Up top is one of my "creations" on there. Lately I have wanted to chop off my hair and forget about all of my hopes of having long locks! well, Polyvore to the rescue! I decided to make a little inspiration board so I could fawn over beautiful locks and pretend mine are just as pretty... similar to what I do over on Pinterest.

Hope you are all having a lovely week! Lots of things going on in my little life, so I haven't had much time to post.. hoping to get back to it soon!

Oh, did I mention I am taking husband on a lovely weekend away this weekend to celebrate his birthday? CAUSE I AM! be jealous :)


  1. Sorry I couldn't be an encouragement but I kind of have a knack for short hair :) PS- love the new layout!

    1. Haha no you aren't much encouragement bc everytime i see your hair i want to cut mine all over again!i am only sticking it out bc i made a resolution and seeing as how i didn't keep any othera, i need sonething to be "proud" of Haha and thank you!

  2. Love these hair pictures! I use polyvore for my outfit sets that I do on my blog. I love that program!


  3. loveee hairrrrr haha i really like number 2!! its like a french fishtail kinda right?? sweeet


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