Monday, June 18, 2012

where did the week go?

So.. anyone know where last week went? 

To be honest, I don't remember much about that. I hate that. Sometimes my brain gets pretty foggy, especially when I seem to be working a lot harder at work because the work keeps piling on, or when I have a lot of things going on in the evenings, blah blah blah.

So, I won't bore you anymore with the details I don't remember. I DO know that both Aaron and I took Friday and Monday (today) off to spend some time away from town and celebrate Aaron's 24th birthday! Speaking of which, my husby is 24 TODAY! :) 

On Friday we had a LOT of errands to run: I cleaned out my car (first time in about a year!), the air conditioner guy came by the house to check on it, Aaron had a dentist appointment, I had a trim, I got some new tires on my car and we grabbed some lunch! Whew! Sounds like a ton just thinking about it... 

Well, after all of that, I took Aaron to Columbus for the weekend. We stayed at The Westin in Columbus because I got a sweet deal on Hotwire. We walked around downtown, enjoyed the lovely weather, worked off the huge amounts of food we ate, and caught up on some tv. I took him shopping to pick out his perfect gift at Easton. He chose a watch and we also got him some shoes and such for work which he desperately needed. Altogether, we just spent time hanging out and not worrying about having to work on Monday (we always dread Monday coming, but not today!) I made Aaron breakfast in bed to celebrate his birthday this morning and we have just been playing it pretty low key all day.


I cannot complain about life right now. 

Some other things that have been going on: 

+I for the life of me cannot get on a system of doing laundry, dishes, etc. I think someone should've just handed me a manual when I got married. I would've followed that. But, I cannot just seem to "fit it in" during my days.. I can't even fathom what life will be like with kids. wow.
+ Aaron and I are really trying to commit to eating better. We have been slowly doing so, but now, we have taken the plunge. Besides the occasional chocolate I will eat with my strawberries, weaning myself from mountain dew, and such.. we will be eating more healthy, homecooked meals. I have really been trying to be aware of the ingredients going into my food for probably 6 months at least. We try to eat very simple meals, adding spices etc. here and there... but for the main part, not really buying much processed foods (besides cheese.. I seriously CANNOT cut out the cheese! but I know my tummy hates me for it.. )  I have also noticed that I have always had some sort of a chronic stomach "ache" or hurting. More recently (probably 8 months or so) I have had pain in my hips, knees, ankles, wrists, basically any joints on my body. My back has begun to hurt a lot, and my brain seems to be in a fog a lot.. so, a change in diet is in order!! Eating healthy can never hurt and I am so grateful to have a husband who is willing to do this with me! (more on this in later posts)

 photos: 1//snuggling, 2//she won't get out of the grass, 3//i am an addict, and i am trying to quit, 4//mmm cereal that i am trying to not eat anymore because of the gluten, 5//wendyyyyyyy's, 6//aaron made me breakfast in bed, just because, 7//coral nailpolish. love, 8//clean, healthy fridge, 9//best snack

and... that's about it. honestly. I don't do much aside from work and random things around the house. Sometimes I get a chance to see a lovely friend or two or my family, but not too much going on... Hoping to be less foggy to actually update this :) Tonight and tomorrow night Aaron and I are going to a first-time home buyer's class. Hopefully we learn a lot and we are praying God will provide the perfect first home for us. 

Have a lovely rest of your Monday :)

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