Friday, August 24, 2012

happiness in sadness?

Today is just sad.

I am just so so sad. How can someone be pregnant with a baby and then it is lost in an instant?

How can someone go into a movie theatre on a shooting rampage?

How do people think it is okay to make people feel like junk?

and yet...

good things happen too. Things happen that remove those thoughts from our minds. But, I don't think it should be that way. 

I don't think we should dwell on the sadness in our lives, but I think it should be remembered. We should remember the things that we have gone through to allow us to find happiness and to truly be grateful.

Today, I am so very sad for a dear friend of mine and her hubby. The excitement of a new life forming in her and what their future holds have been crushed today. My heart is ripping open for them. I won't go into details more than this... but I cannot fathom that feeling. Personally. having a baby scares the life out of me... and yet, something in me knows I could do it. Knows I could handle it and KNOWS I would love it.

But, I am also realizing the reality that miscarriage brings. I am realizing that these things just happen... and it seems to be happening more and more these days.


How do people who are so irresponsible (I could go on here.. but I won't) end up with 349389278948 kids, and a good sweet LOVING responsible married couple cannot carry a baby?

My heart is breaking for them. Please join me in prayer for them, would you?


  1. I will be praying for this couple. I agree with you Joanna! <3

  2. That completely breaks my heart! Miscarrying terrifies me. All the women in my family had many miscarriages before being able to have a baby, so I know it's something I will likely deal with and I am scared senseless. I can't imagine the pain and I will be praying for your friend! I am so sorry. I know life just totally doesn't seem fair. I have to trust that God will use that tragedy for His glory and work through it. Hugs to you and your friends!


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