Thursday, August 23, 2012

too many thoughts but not enough to go on.

last saturday morning. lovely morning hair. had to share!

Thoughts today have included:

+ I must be grateful for the things in my life right now. If I can't be thankful for the little things, then how can I be thankful for the big things?

+ I am pretty glad I have the boss I have. He is letting me go home early today. How. Awesome.

+ I should probably buy some groceries. Oh well... it can wait until tomorrow.

+ HOLY COW. Tomorrow is Friday. WOO!!

+ Speaking of Friday, I will get to see my long lost friend tomorrow :) YAY!

+ It's pretty hot in my office right now. What happened to the lovely temps we were having?!

+ School counseling sounds amazing. Summers off? what!?

+ Should Aaron and I buy a house? Should we buy this house we ADORE!? Or, should we buy a house we can fix up!? OR should we just put all our money to our student loans and never have a house? :/

+ I need my hair trimmed and thinned out. Lookin' like a hot. mess. these days!

+ I am hungry. How did we not have ANY pasta in the house today!?

+ We need to exercise more, like, FOR REAL.

+ UGH. these stupid wisdom teeth. I wish they fell out like our baby teeth did. Though, that freaked me out when that happened!  Any one else?

+Social media and I are back and forth.

+ I have been wanting to change the name of this blog for a while. I think you all will hate the name, but... there are like tonssss of blogs called FROM THE INSIDE OUT.. which sucks.

+ I am far too addicted to mountain dew.. or candy.. and ice cream.. hence, the working out is NEEDED.


+ Watching HGTV today and being completely disgusted and people complaining about perfectly beautiful homes.

+ I am a horrible person and need to work on that.

Thus concludes the randoms of today! :)

1 comment:

  1. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY. I'm so ready. This week has not been amazing.

    I love the name of your blog! It's awesome. Changing it is in awesome feeling though :) I didn't even think to check how many blogs have the same name as mine. Oops.

    I need fall immediately.

    The house question. Ugh! I wish I knew. Don't worry about the student loans. They're just a part of life. If you want the house, buy the house :)

    People on HGTV make me angry. They whine about the DUMBEST things!

    I miss you. The end.


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