Tuesday, August 7, 2012

on almost pooping my pants...

.. from being completely nervous.


Aaron and I are really being challenged lately. Challenged on stepping out in faith in so many areas of our lives. If I am honest, then... this scares the poop out of me.

I mean, I was literally talking to my boss yesterday and I was discussing one area we are stepping out in faith and I said to him, "I am going to poop my pants from being so scared."

Why would I ever say that?  out loud? to my BOSS?


It's kind of scary stepping out in faith. Trusting something other than ourselves. but, honestly.. I kind of suck at a lot of things. I follow through, mostly.. but I just suck at really stepping up some times.  Enter GOD.

I am very glad that God equips the chosen because.... I kind of freak out a lot. Like, if I am really honest, I haven't started my masters because I am scared. I haven't stepped out in my faith in any real tangible way because I am so scared to mess up. I am scared to not do things in the order they should happen. I am scared to not do everything perfect.

I cannot tell you where exactly this need to do it all "right" came from other than... I am human. I want to be perfect, have perfect things, have the easy way out all the time....

However, here we are. Stepping out in our faith. Expecting God to work.

Oh, also, in expecting God to work doesn't always mean expecting Him to 'come through for you'.... it also means that He could do something completely unexpected.

I hope I can be ready for it either way.

Have a wonderful rest of our Tuesday! I think Aaron and I will be heading to a fair... and, I am unexpectedly REALLY excited for it.


  1. Love this post! You are so right when we're weak He is strong :)

    1. very true! so grateful for that :)

  2. Good for you, Jo! You know i am one of your #1 supporters in all that you do! you know I can relate in many ways & it's okay to be freakin' scared as crap! I am right now as well in some unknown areas of life!
    as always, praying for you both!
    love you!

    1. awww, lu lu! I love you! haha you are such a great friend and supporter, I love it and need it! God knew that :)

  3. Girrrrrl I just LOVE you! And I love that you said that to your boss. Hilarious. You know where I stand on grad school stuff. Right there with ya. And I'm also terrified of stepping out in faith at all times. I just need my comfort blanket, you know?

    I love you. Let's hang out.

    1. hahahah I say WAAYYY to many things to my boss I probably shouldn't. it isn't a wonder I am not in trouble on a daily basis.. haha and yes, blehh grad school is the devil! haha One of my favorite stories in the Bible is Peter JUMPING out of the boat to walk on the water with Jesus. It says he JUMPED (I believe). He didn't just dip his toe in, or learily step in.. but he jumped. I need to do that more!

      and yes, let's! :)


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