Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am entirely too busy these days. 
I can't think. 
I can't get things done.
I NEVER remember things that I need done at home.
I don't fold the laundry. It's just sitting in my living room, laid neatly in a pile on the loveseat.

I sit at work and my mind twists and twirls around with things to do FOR. WORK.

I get email after email after EMAIL: Joanna, do this.. Joanna, please do that.... Joanna, HERE'S ANOTHER 50 MORE THINGS TO DO.

I get phone calls requesting the same.

I get the mail twice a day and each time I think I have things done or semi caught up on...

I DON'T. because the mail just comes. and it comes to ruin my life. my entire day. lest, my entire MONTH.

Currently, we have 349359283 projects going on at work. The to-do lists are daunting on top of the other 'daily' or 'weekly' things I need to do.

Did I mention that, oh wait, I am married? And, I am involved in other things outside of work?

WHEW! I guess this is what it means to be grown up. So, fine. But, let me whine about it for a second, please. Let me just let out my frustration at my own mind for not allowing me to remember. 

If you don't, I may just through my computer out the building. I may cut the phone chord. I may shred any evidence that I received any bills to pay this week (month)... And I may just walk out and go home and put on my sweatpants and maybe cry a little bit.

So, please.. let me vent. 

Here are some lovely things on my mind for today. (If this were The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon would be holding a sign reading "SARCASM" behind me as I just said that):

  • I have to go to the dentist? again? TODAY?! nice.
  • I wish I had more coffee... now.
  • Oh, I started drinking coffee.. love it. addicted already. NOT GOOD.
  • I am so glad I have mounds of papers surrounding me daily at work. it doesn't make me want to cry in the least
  • I really am good at handling stress. But I also just need to cry about it like a little baby
  • I have already received 3 emails while writing this. SUCKS. leave me alone people
  • sometimes, okay, all the time, people I don't really work for ask me to do things for them because they didn't get the memo that I don't work for them. or that the work they are doing doesn't affect me in the least. I am ALL about helping people.. but it is beginning to interfere with my brain
  • Is it Christmas yet?
  • Pumpkin Show is next week. so I get 2 days off... which will make it a 5 day weekend. Perhaps I should take Wednesday off too? that would be glorious
  • Man.. I should probably finish my grad. school application.. 
  • But that means I have to get people so send in recommendations. TOO MUCH PRESSURE
  • Oh and that means I also have to track down all those colleges I went to and have them submit transcripts.
  • Instead, I think I just won't...
  •  What should I have for lunch? oh, chili that I have been eating for days since I made it.. 
  • I need a nap already and it's only 11:58a 

Hope you guys have a lovely day NOT thinking about all the stuff 
you need to think about like I am :)


  1. you sound like me! I feel like I'm going a little crazy at the moment with all of the things I have going on as well. It feels like it never ends sometimes :( Maybe you should just ignore everything for a day or even a half day. Sometimes I just have to let it all go for a few hours to keep my cool and usually I come back to my projects with renewed motivation. I hope you find a way to get some peace

  2. Girl. I'm so glad your venting...I need to vent too. I'm just so unmotivated and I feel the same way, I'm SO behind on everything home, work, school work. UGH. Just too much... I'm just so glad I'm not alone!!

    PS, if you need a recommendation, girl, I would be more than happy to help! I know how stressful getting recommendations can be so know I'm here and will write you an excellent recommendation if needed-- you're an awesome person and a hard worker! :)

  3. Girl, you vent all you need to! You should hear me every day! Being an adult is just hard. And your work situation really is out of control. I get bogged down with things too at times, but it's usually things like "print this off for me right this second because I don't know how to do it" multiple times a day from people at the other end of the building. I really don't know how you do it every day! This job is just a season in your life. Life is just in a very busy season for you right now. It will calm down eventually, it will!

    Regarding grad got this!! Trust me, I just finished the whole process, I KNOW the pressure and stress. It freaking sucks. I set aside one afternoon and just forced myself to email professors for recomendations and to order transcripts. I felt like such a weight was lifted once I got that done and knew the ball was in everyone else's court.

    I'm dying for the your Sheldon comment. I pictured the whole thing. Love. And you know I am ALWAYS here for you!! Always! Love you!

  4. So sorry Jo! I hate it when things become overwhelming! I feel that way with school right now! Just keep your head up, take a nice bubble bath, and eat some chocolate. hope things get better!

  5. I have overwhelmingness I feel the same way lately bla cant wait for it to pass! I love the quote tho i laughed haha

  6. Girl I feel you! I'm a working college student and a 5th year senior trying to plan the next phases of life. I feel like I blink and months fly by, but yet stand still at the same time! Busy busy busy. It's crazy! But, all we can do is put one foot in front of the other and do the best we can, like you're doing! I hope you are able to find some balance somewhere in between :) I think it's a day to day struggle for us all!

    Also, saw you joined our blog. I can't say thank you enough! I always love getting to connect with new friends via the blog world. You are lovely and I can't wait to keep up with your bloggings :)



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