Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HALLOWEEN EXCITEMENT: i cannot contain myself


So, it is 7:23pm on Halloween night. I have been home sick all day. Put on real pants only to go out to get some necessities, and by that I mean: mountain dew and shells and cheese. And then came home and put on jammy pants (that's what Aaron and I call them) for the rest of the day. But, I did brush my teeth, so just in case you were wondering, there's that.

Aaron is currently playing some video game (that sounds funny even typing out...) and I have just been perusing the internetz avoiding things I should probably do like... work on a budget, grocery list, meal plan, pack for the FCA Retreat or type my personal statement essay for my Master's application....

Pumpkin is sitting here patiently watching us, all the while, I KNOW she is dying and wants to play. 

Oh! also? There is a MOUSE. IN. MY KITCHEN. no, we don't have traps. and YES, we should go get them because as my grandma says, "there are probably 20 in there!!! so, that's really encouraging. haha

Life as of lately.... hmm. Not much to report. I applied for a position I would really love to do at my current place of work, but haven't really heard much about it since that was sent in. I have basically given up any hope for it.. oh well. It will all work out how it should, I suppose. The real kicker with it is that I don't feel right just up and leaving my current position. I love working for my boss, so that would be really hard. And we are SO busy with a bunch of projects/items that I am just not sure I could leave until January or so...   WE SHALL SEE. I am really trying to learn to put things into God's hands. After I submitted my application/resume I really sat back and felt like I had given it to God.... But, then I looked at my sent-box on my email every second I could checking if she received it and opened it (I AM WAAAYY CREEPY LIKE THAT.).... so, perhaps this is God just showing me and testing my will and if I really, truly have given it to him.

Aaron has recently gotten a new position (a sort-of promotion if you will) at his work. That is very exciting for us as we could definitely use a little (and I use that term loosely) but more money!!

Things I am currently excited about:
+ Christmas is coming people. We still have Thanksgiving, but IT'S COMING.
+FCA retreat this weekend: there should be a lot of students going. Aaron has never been and it will be great to see him out there, leading, playing sports and just having FUN. 
+Friday is almost here. Enough said. 

annnnnd that's pretty much it for excitement.

Also lately: I have been pretty down about things. Nothing I can really pinpoint.. just down. And it's really hard for me. I think I need something new and exciting to do. Any suggestions?? :) 

This is a pretty boring post. And, the picture at the top has nothing to do with it or Halloween or anything... I just liked it. I do this thing where I look up "dream city houses" on and just put in my price max and how many rooms and SEARCH. Looking at that house up top just keeps inspiring me to do it. I mean, if I am going to life in a mouse infested, freezing old house/apartment, I am going to take advantage of our wifi that costs so dang much and look for places we REALLY could want to live at. 

Well, Aaron just turned around and asked what I was working on... I sheepishly looked at him and said... "my blog..." and he laughed and said we are slackers. He should be working on homework for his master's and I should submit my application for my masters... so, I guess I should get on that.

Welp, later days :)

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  1. Oh Joanna. I just love you and I'm so glad you blogged again!
    First of all, I hope you're feeling better!

    Work just sucks. It just sucks, man. HOW RUDE that you haven't heard back about that position. I'm sorry. I hope you at least get some feedback soon! I hope we get out of our jobs soon, though. I really do. I had a total meltdown again after work today. UGH. We will get through this. Someday we'll look back and say "remember when he had those sucky jobs that totally sucked? Yeah, that sucked. So glad we're not there anymore." That will happen! SOMEDAY. And YAY for Aaron's new position!!

    As for new and exciting? LET'S HANG OUT.


    Oh, and you're like my favorite person ever ;)



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