Tuesday, January 8, 2013

this is gonna be so stupid. OH WELL


listen people. This isn't noteworthy.. or really worth a post, but here goes... I am at a hair-crossroads. I am literally getting sick of my hair. BUT, I don't want to chop it all off because.. heck.. it has taken a while to get to where it is. It seriously hasn't been this long for over 5 years. YIKES.

Perhaps I have just run out of hairstyles? Perhaps I am just getting sick of trying to blow dry it. Also- I have noticed my hair getting more oily. UH. WHAT THE HECK. it needs to stop that. oh, and it's winter which means, my hair decides to hate me. It's what it does in the winter.

I can't find a good dry shampoo I like.. plus, with dark hair, it gets hard to use it repeatedly. Okay, maybe I should suck it up and wash it.. whatever.

I recently died by hair a slight auburn and even THAT hasn't made a difference.. in fact, I am almost hating it more since my stupid water makes the color fade. UGHHH. (whine much?)

anyway. I don't really get all girly and such on here, but come on.. what's a girl to do?

It's like this: I could either 1)let it grow reaaalllyy long, and grow my bangs and totally try to rock the semi-middle part. 2) put some color in it, 3) go chop my bangs off in the bathroom right now, 4)go really short, 5) shave my head. so...

these are some styles I am liking right now. take it away pinterest board.....

1: the grow it out waayyy long and try to be cool with the middle part

2: the cut the bang by yoselffff in the bathroom right this moment
Source: google.com via Joanna on Pinterest

3:color anyone?

4: different color anyone??

5: zooey bangs and dark color

6: orrrrrrr maybe I should just cut it all off:
Source: fabsugar.com via Joanna on Pinterest

decisions, decisions.


  1. I'm always a fan of short hair and am in the same boat as you bahahaha. I say go with a fun color and then go with long swoopy bangs. CUTE!

    1. ohhh heidi! I am definitely a fan of short... ahhhh!! I see a short cut and am instantly like UH I NEED TO CUT MY HAIR NOW! haha Like, for instance, whenever I see you! haha!! ahh maybe one day I will chop it all off!

  2. IDK girl!!! I am sooo ready to just color my hair but then again I am trying to grow mine out so I can donate it and you HAVE to have NO dye in it so boo!!!!

  3. I love long hair. I really like the bangs. I think they would look good on you.

  4. we have the exact same problem. My hair has never been longer and I have always wanted long hair but now I am seriously sick of it! My sister is starting hair school soon so I am just going to let her have her way with my hair since I am sick of it and I just need change... ASAP! Love your blog, and I just don't know what to tell you about your hair ha. Maybe if you know a really great hairdresser just let them do whatever they please. a surprise haircut?


  5. HAHA shave your head- let's just refrain from that option a bit while longer, shall we? i get these moods once every 3 months and my answer is always the same: chop them bangs. i always do the zoey ones and instantly feel like a new person. that are do that cute ombre effect! it's not too much af a commitment and is sooo pretty

  6. Ah hair problems! Gotta love that ish...not lol. My hair is super slick, not thin or anything just really fine so it doesn't do anything! I feel ya with trying to figure out what to do.

    I also nominated you for the Liebster Award!! You can go to the following link for the rules! Can't wait to learn more about you.

  7. i looove that color in the second picture!
    i just ignore my hair all together. i don't even brush or blow dry it. im serious. if i brush it it just gets frizzy anyway haha

    ps following you :)

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  8. I'm really late to seeing this, but my vote is either the Ashley Greene hair or the Rachel Bilson hair.


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